All you need to know about Winewood Organics


Winewood Organics is a family-sized microbusiness for cannabis in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Winewood Organics isn’t just your regular cannabis dispensary; they plant, grow, pick, test and package all their products on-site. This microbusiness inadvertently passes on an air of confidence and trustworthiness. That is the expected effect when a cluster of experts dedicate their time to growing single-source natural cannabis, using only approved and organic procedures. Winewood carries everything from Rosin, sauce carts, flower, vegan edibles, hash, & hash prerolls. We will be discussing commercial cannabis vs microbusinesses like Winewood.


Is knowing your farmer a better deal than ordering commercial cannabis? Let’s find out.


What is a Microbusiness?


Microbusinesses and big corporations have the same goal; to provide a service or solve a problem. However, they differ in scale and size. 


A micro business essentially is a small business employing less than 10 people and making less than 250,000 dollars in one year. Not surprisingly, they do not require much to start up. Nonetheless, studies reveal that micro-business have a significant impact on the US economy. 

The term “microbusiness” covers solopreneurs, artisans, and family businesses. Think of the one-man cleaning company or the pest control company whose services you employ. 


In recent times, and especially in California, the term “microbusiness” now refers to cannabis-related businesses. Small as they might be, these businesses are subject to the same licensing and permits necessary for big firms and corporations. The aim is to improve the quality of life of both the business owners and those that enjoy their products. 


A micro business like Winewood organics is part farm, part lab, part store, as pronounced by their website. 


Pros and cons of a microbusiness



  1. They are trustworthy- one major advantage of an appropriately licensed micro business is that you’re sure to get your money’s worth. Businesses like Winewood Organics are built on honesty and trust.
  2. They may be better coordinated- a 6-man company may be more organized than a broad company. With fewer employees, communication is easier, and the line of hierarchy is short and simple. 
  3. 100% Organic- when it comes to cultivating cannabis, organic methods are better. Micro businesses are more likely to use safer, healthier options.
  4. Quality assured- a small business is more likely to be concerned with the quality of their plants, than with the quantity. A small-scale business can afford to pay extra attention to each order. 



  1. Not enough reach- you may only be able to get cannabis by pickup unless you’re willing to send a dispatch yourself. Also, ordering your favorite cannabis products through the phone may be slower than you’re used to. An easy solution is to place a call to the owner of the business. 
  2. They may be affected by external factors- heavy rain or power outage may affect a microbusiness, but not a large-scale commercial business because their product can be found everywhere.


Commercial Cannabis vs Microbusiness 


A large-scale cannabis business has its advantages; its products are more easily reproducible, and you can count on them to deliver at any time. A microbusiness, on the other hand, can offer you a personal touch and cannabis you can trust. Large-Scale cultivation has more plants than they can keep control of. While Microbusines like Winewood Organics can give each plant the love and care it deserves. Commercial Cannabis will be able to produce more products than a microbusiness. While they produce more the quality of a Microbusiness product will be better than that of commercial cannabis.


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