Highlife Farms Liftoff Extracts

Today we review Liftoff Extracts Melted Strawberries they entered in the HighTimes Cannabis Cup Solvent Category in Michigan for 2022. Liftoff Extracts is part of the Highlife Farms MI brand and part of the MCMA. The MCMA is trying to end the caregiver program in the State and is most of all the huge companies in the state lobbying to end home grows. We personally wouldn’t buy these products but since it’s for the cannabis cup and entry, we are reviewing the product we did this review fair to determine the best product in the State of Michigan.

Melted Strawberries Review

Let’s get into the review of Melted Strawberries by Liftoff Extracts. First off it had a cool design with an astronaut for the package but you have to know a sweet package does not correlate with a good product.  You popped the jar of the packaging and opened the container and you could smell it a little bit. You still had to stick your nose into the container but you could get a sweet strawberry smell. Now its where the review goes south.

As we both take our dabs in the Puffco peak we got no taste on our first hit. It was almost like a bland taste nothing, bare, no strawberry, no sweet, which makes it a disappointment. The high & Effects wasn’t much to be fair it didn’t have much of a sedative or upper high it was an interesting buzz on the melted strawberries.

Liftoff Extracts

Melted Strawberries

Melted Strawberries

Highlife Farms Package

Liftoff Extracts & Highlife Farms Overall

Overrall melted strawberries failed pretty bad for our tests. You can see below the different categories we have ranking for each review. With no taste, not much affect it ends up failing. Concentrates are supposed to bring out the flavor or taste in the product and it just wasn’t there, the smell wasn’t overpowering. The taste we say bland the product was bland overall. Here is Lightsky Farms Review of Electric Peanut Butter Cookie from the Solvent Category as well.

Melted Strawberries’ live resin score

Score Cannadave Groovee Brand Name Strain Name
Package 10 8 8.5 Liftoff Extracts: Produce by highlife farms
Melted Strawberries Diamonds and sauce
Aroma 10 8 8
Flavor 15 7 7
Consistency 10 7 6.5
Effects/High 15 8.5 7
Strengh 15 7 7
Value 10 7.5 8.5
R&R 15 7 7
100 60 59.5

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