The Evolution of Strains over time

Join us for an exciting live stream where we explore the world of cannabis landrace strains and the difference between old school and new school genetics. We'll start by discussing the history of cannabis and how it has evolved over time, leading to the development of landrace strains. We'll dive deep into the characteristics of popular landrace strains such as Afghani, Thai, Nepalese, Hindu Kush, and Aceh, and explore how they differ from modern hybrid strains. Our expert panel will explore the unique flavor and aroma profiles of these strains and their effects on the mind and body. We'll also discuss the importance of preserving these rare genetics and the challenges involved in doing so. We'll then compare old school ...

March 7, 2023|Terp Talk|

C@nn@bis Raids: Cannadave’s experience & the future

We're back!! Raids within C@nn@bis from Cannadaves story and experience to all the ones we see in the media. Will we continue to see this in the industry? Is the illicit market alone or are all parts of the industry affected? ALSO we are Kicking off smoking a Cross joint!!! Have you ever smoked in a cool way? Let us know what's the most unique way you have smoked before? Join the community and let's bring knowledge to this plant! #streaming #live #Raids #terpenes

February 28, 2023|Terp Talk, Uncategorized|

The Power of Hemp

We all know the benefits of hemp - from providing a sustainable food source to aiding in mood and anxiety relief. But what are the rules and regulations within the hemp industry? We'll be discussing all things hemp today, so you can learn all about this powerful plant and its many benefits. #HempForAll #RulesAndRegs #IndustryTalk #live #streaming

February 21, 2023|Terp Talk|

Valentine’s Day Sesh!

We all know what the best boutique of flowers to gift. Happy Valentine's day CanaFam! What are some of your loves and hates within the industry?? Are you sick of cookies, or do you love solventless?? Bring your flowers n dabs and let's talk all things canna. #valentinesday #live #streaming #boutiqueofflowers

February 14, 2023|Terp Talk|

Rick Simpson Oil: The Cannabis Story You’ve Never Heard

Reading Rick Simpson's story is like getting a glimpse into the pioneering spirit that has always defined cannabis culture. His story is novel, and it speaks to the fearless determination of those who continue to fight for what they believe in. Rick is a cannabis enthusiast with origins in Canada, and his occupational conditions were hazardous. Throughout his employment, he suffered from various ailments related to toxic substances encountered while working on the job. But despite all the obstacles he faced, Rick never gave up and led to creating RSO to help treat cancer he had on his arms. Lets get into the details! Join the stream. #education #rso #ricksimpson

January 31, 2023|Terp Talk|

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