Michigan hightimes Cannabis Cup

The Hightimes Cannabis Cup is underway in Michigan with Categories in Adult-use and Medical. This review here is from the AU Solvents Category. We are reviewing LightSky Farms Electric Peanut Butter Cookie. We review the concentrates in multiple categories from Package, Smell, Taste, Consistency, High, & More. Have you tried this product before or the brand Lightsky Farms? This was Cannadave & Groovee’s first impression of the brand. Let’s see how the review goes for the Hightimes cup in Michigan. Lightsky farms also produce vape carts that are in the market available at different retail or provisioning shops.

Lightsky Farms

The brand lightsky farms have been around for a while. They were a part of the medical program and now they’re in the adult-use market. The packaging starts out pretty cool it has everything from the terpenes to potential flavor by scanning the QR code on the box. Aroma the Electric Peanut Butter Cookie did pop as you open the container. This strain stood out from the first few we have tried with the flavor and the aroma. We each used a Puffco Peak to take our dabs for the reviews. Cannadave dave goes to 450 degrees while Groovee does his at 500 degrees. the brand has won a cannabis cup competition in years past and its only fitting that they entered a quality product into the Hightimes cup this year.


Live Resin  Electric Peanut Butter Cookie Live Resin

Electric Peanut Butter Cookie

Overall the review on the Electic peanut butter was a pass by both Groovee and Cannadave. It hit on multiple of the categories from high and effect, to value, and would we recommend and repurchase lightsky farms product again. You can take a look at our checklist below and see what our categories are and the rankings that go with them.

Review Scale for LightSky Farms Electric Peanut Butter Cookie. You can see how each Groovee & Cannadave ranked the product based on our charts.

Score Cannadave Groovee Brand Name Strain Name
Package 10 9 9.5 LightSkyFarms Electric Peanut Butter Cookie
Aroma 10 8.5 9
Flavor 15 13.5 13.5
Consistency 10 8 8
Effects/High 15 13 13
Strengh 15 12.5 12
Value 10 8.5 9
R&R 15 13.5 14
100 86.5 88


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