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Are you looking for a great cannabis seed bank that provides the highest quality seeds? Check out SeedHub. A seed bank is a place where seeds are stored to preserve genetic diversity for the future. SeedHub is a first class hemp seed bank located in Lansing, Michigan. They produce the best, greatest and most recent seeds and spore products in the market. With them, you get appreciable, high genetic quality products at unbelievably good prices, problem free.

SeedHub offers a variety of cannabis strains; feminized seeds like McFritter, house strains like Cherry by design, autoflower strains like Orange Gorilla Auto and spores such as the Penis Envy Spore Syringe and. This organization is not limited to just hemp seeds and spores, they also have an apparel store where they sell merchandise. The merch includes body suits, T-shirts, Hoodies and Drawstrings bags customized with the SeedHub signature logo.

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A disclaimer is that SeedHub does not take responsibility for germination of seeds obtained from them. These seeds are novelty pieces for collection, they are not meant to be grown. SeedHub promises that all orders are processed within a 24-hour span. They also have a customer service line available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week where they can be reached for questions regarding orders.

Seed Banks

Seed banks help to keep plant genetics for unforeseen events such as bombings, floods, extinction, etc., that may occur. The seeds are kept at low humidity and temperature of about -20°C in bomb and radiation proof vault holding jars. The importance of preserving plant genetics, especially good genes cannot be stressed enough. There are certain plants that grow more rapidly than their peers in the same environmental conditions. Such plants have great genes and their genetic make up can be and should be preserved through their seeds.  

The genetic make-up of plants can be influenced by certain environmental conditions like soil nutrients, temperature, humidity, and intensity of light. This means that it is deeper than acquiring a seed from a plant with good genes. When growing the seed, it should be properly nurtured in superb conditions. Although, remember that seeds in a seed bank are meant to be collected and stored. Another factor capable of altering good genetics is the presence of harmful substances in the air or soil.

When seeds with poor or not so good genetics are stored, some of the outcomes are low germination, low plant vigor, diseased plants, the seeds spoiling during storage, the introduction of weeds, mixed varieties, etc. What is the point of preserving seeds for futuristic purposes if the yield will not be productive?

Seedhub Shop

With SeedHub, you need not worry about the quality of seeds being purchased. Each seed is picked from parents with the best possible genetics and the seeds are stored in optimum conditions. You get the best quality for a more than reasonable price. SeedHub is just a click away, try SeedHub today and use code MICANNA15 to save up to 15% off your order of seeds from regulars, autoflower, and feminized seeds. Plus he has FREE shipping on all orders. Visit to complete your order using the code above. What are you waiting for order your cannabis seeds now and get to growing your own!

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