Allen Iverson Former NBA all-time player known for cross-overs, jump shots, and one of the best to just do it. Iverson is collaborating with Viola Michigan on the release of the strain Iverson 01. Viola was founded by Al Harrington former NBA player as well.

Allen Iverson  Iverson 01

The Release kicked off at Bazonzoes in Walled Lake with a line out the door and wrapping around the building. For Cannadave it was a great experience because he grew up imitating him while playing basketball in his driveway, pretty ecstatic to meet him for the release of the Iverson 01 with Viola. Cannadave did end up getting his autograph but fumbled asking for a picture lol. ( Iverson next time gotta get a photo lol). The Strain had a lot of hype at the release that it sold out on its first weekend of release at all stores. That is great for its first drop ever!

Iverson 01 Strain

Iverson 01 is a cross of Durban, Gushers, & Runtz which is dropped as only flower no oil or concentrates. These genetics have been pretty popular the last couple of years and Durban is an old-school strain that is always hitting.  The combination of the 3 could be hit or miss but let’s get into the review.

We are hoping to see more concentrates like oil or live resin in the future from the next drop. The flower stood out overall the smell popped as soon as you ripped open the bag.

Iverson 01 Review

The Packaging had unique graphics on it with basketballs the purple color for the brand Viola. It listed all the terpenes, THC %, and had a stamp of approval “Grandma approved”. The smell pops as soon as you rip open the bag. Groovee couldn’t help but stuff his nose in the bag giving it a grape, sweet or berry sweet. You can tell the runtz is coming through on the nose. Iverson was frosty, purple color to the buds and nice structure.

The Iverson 01 was flavorful as you sparked the joint. The first two puffs had a mix of gusher taste and a mix of a sweet runtz taste. It was smoking white ash and pulling through clean. The Taste goes through the entire review which is always a huge bonus when consuming cannabis. The taste overall had a unique flavor profile that had the MiCannaCast blew away.

Allen Iverson Overall

Overall the Iverson 01 x Viola Collaboration was a huge pass by MiCannaCast. it was great to a release with a high profile athlete to have a good strain at a decent price but flavorful and dank bud. If you haven’t had the chance to try bud we would highly recommend trying it once because it had both of us shocked. Its worth trying and giving it a smoke. Let us know what you thought of this product.

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