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Episode 50: Special Episode 50th

MiCannaCast has hit our 50th episode and we are celebrating it by talking about it all.  We discuss our favorite episodes, guests, strains, concentrates and evening dispensaries.  Listen to Cannadave and Groovee talk about everything from their first episode to number 49. We talk special guest from Pot Brothers at Law famous for the script to professional business companies like North Coast Services.

Firstly, this was huge for MiCannaCast as you can imagine because we started out by doing one month or every other month. This year we have been really consistent with content with a new episode out every wednesday afternoon at 4:20 Eastern Time.  We discuss why it’s such a huge moment for the co-host that we hit 50 episodes when we did.

MiCannaCast Guests
Pot Brothers at Law

We go through all 50 episodes and talk about each one. We’ve had the Pot Brothers at Law on famous for “The Script” an “Shut the fuck up.” We were able to get Marc from Pot Brothers at Law to Recite the Slam Poem!
Pot Brothers at Law

We had StickRadio on two different podcasts 420 episodes and our Cannabis Culture Music and Movies episode! Stick is big in the Detroit market and having him on helped us learn tips from his radio days.
Stick cannabis Culture Music & Movies

 We also had a good buddy of ours on Drew from Waxxin and talking about online cannabis tips. The Second episode was on getting licenses in the Michigan Market.

Secondly MiCannacast, had other Guests we had on that we enjoyed learning from were John Generic Fertilizers. He taught us ways on growing and possibly ditching bottle nutrients and using his generic line.  Secondly, great information on lighting hps vs leds and always grow mediums as well. What he liked best and why he was using those products. We had Josh K. from Cali on he is a Cannabis Brand Builder huge in marketing and how to grow your brand in the booming industry. If you are a marketing guru he has great tips on how to build a brand in the Cannabis field right now.

Secondly, North Coast Services was on an episode and taught us that there are businesses working in the cannabis industry. They are here to help you out as a business owner who can’t fill all their orders or needs in growing cannabis. Lastly, they’re like a Cannabis Cultivation Service who can help trim, defoliate, consult and much more.

MiCannaCast Podcast Collabs

MiCannaCast had other cannabis podcasts on from MaryJaneExperience all the way out in Colorado, to DakitchenCouch in Nova,Scotia Canada. Secondly, we had two episodes with American Slacker Podcast and also a 420 special episode that we were featured on American Slacker Podcast with GrowCast and Tokes w Stacy!

Firstly, we’ve been featured on a couple podcasts as well as from American Slacker Podcast above, when Cannadave reveals his face. This was the first time Cannadave did video for MiCannaCast. Win for Weed out in Chicago had us on for an episode as well and we also were on another cannabis podcast from Chicago called Chillinois podcast. All these moments have helped us grow and learn from other podcasters without them we wouldn’t be where we are at today.

Firstly, a couple other of our collaborations on micannacast were Ashley and she discussed what it’s like working in the industry and delivery service. The delivery service is an option picking up in the cannabis industry instead of going to the shop. Secondly we had a fan interview us which was an awesome experience Chris B. interview. This was a great experience and unique that we are looking forward to having a fan ask us questions again.


Lastly, MiCannaCast episodes with just Cannadave & Groovee talking are Indica vs Sativa, What’s the difference? Secondly, this is always a highly debatable topic in the cannabis industry. What team are you on Indica vs Sativa? You’re always asked this question when you go into the dispos. We talk about our Cannabis Health tips ways to be healthy if you are consuming cannabis and what to look for in good cannabis.

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