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In this new episode of MiCannaCast, Cannadave and Groovee have special guests. The guests are owners of North Coast Services Fawn & Renae and they have tons of Cannabis industry knowledge they bring to the table. Firstly, They Own a Cannabis Cultivation Services to help businesses in the industry that can’t do all the work. Secondly, they have years of experience between them working in the industry with hands on training and success which spawned them to create Ncoast services. This is similar to an ad agency because the business can pick the services they have to offer where they need the help most. 

Fawn & Renae both have been in the industry for a while now and have tons of experience that they are sharing with their employees to help build their business. If your looking to get into the industry this might be the perfect opportunity for you. Working with them gives you hand on training which is what you need. They have experience from large outdoor grows to smaller commercial grows indoors. This means they can help any business any size. They love the cannabis plant and what it can do for you!!

North Coast Services Offered

North Coast Services specialize in trimming, Defoliating the fan leaves, rolling preroll joints, and plant maintenance. The funny thing is in our recent episode there was a cannabis recall on prerolls for the licking of cannabis. NCoast Services use machines for making the prerolls and because of this they will make sure you have no recalls happen. Renae & Fawn want to help your business succeed and they’re here to help you do that.

They are hiring and always say to go to their website and click the contact page and send in your resume. This is a great way to get into the cannabis industry because as we say its only growing and will continue to grow. Here is a personal story from one of our episode about working in the cannabis industry.

Tune in and listen to all that North Coast Services has to offer with their cannabis cultivation services. This is great to see because the industry needs a business like this to help it continue to grow. The Cannabis industry is growing in Michigan at a rapid pace. A business like this will help to make sure we have a constant flow of good products out on the market.

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