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Episode 37: Pot Brother’s at Law

Welcome to another episode of Micannacast, with Cannadave and Groovee. We have some special guests with us today the Pot Brothers at Law Marc and Craig Wasserman from California. The Script and STFU are what the Pot Brothers are known from!

Advocates in the cannabis industry and featured on Breal smokebox, Tosh.O, High Times Cups, & many more places. Marc and Craig have grown up in California their entire life as a result became lawyers in California and started to help out on cannabis-related cases.

Find out how they became cannabis advocates and what moment defined them. Why they started the script and how many times has it been broken down? They are big advocates and are always educating people about cannabis and their rights!

The Pot Brothers at Law are here to educate us all on the Script and what to do if you are pulled over by the cops. This will work on all traffic stops in the U.S. for regular pullovers. Groovee was first to do the script test, as a result of this Groovee failed the Script test and didn’t pass.

Pot Brothers at Law The Script
Pot Brothers at Law the script

Pot Brothers at law Discussion

How did the Pot Brothers at law get started on their social media and when it started to explode? How was the script made and how it takes off because we know it got famous a couple of years ago? What’s the slam poem? Micannacast gets the slam poem by marc with a possible new twist on it. What is the script slam poem? Is it just based on the script?

The Wasserman Brothers both have different opinions on where they think the future of Adult-Use Cannabis will be heading. Groovee & Cannadave both have an opinion on this matter as well. We go over many other questions with Marc and Craig tune in to hear some of the other topics we go over!

Having the Pot Brothers on was a great experience for us. Mark and Craig have a lot of knowledge about being a lawyer. We break down their experience in the cannabis industry. These guys are awesome and you will find a lot of the content in this episode. The Script by the pot brothers at law is very valuable and should be memorized it also can be used in all states for routine traffic stops.

All this was answered in the new episode of MiCannaCast.

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Full Length Video Interview with Pot Brothers at Law!

Sit back and relax and listen to another episode of MiCannaCast and The Script with the Wasserman Brothers!! The Slam Poem with Marc is on our Youtube Channel as well if you want to watch it!

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