THC-O Acetate

THC-O Acetate is a by-product of THC. According to the source, Dr. Ethan Russo, THC-O Acetate is gotten by reacting the organic solvent acetate anhydride to the delta 8 THC molecules. This causes a process that eliminates all terpenes and flavonoids this will then leave behind a flavorless, odorless, almost motor oil thick THC isolate. It’s supposed to be more potent than regular THC. Some vendors boast that their THC-O is three or even four times more potent than regular Delta-8 THC.

After reacting THC with the solvent, they take things a step further by adding the terpenes that we’re taken out so now we have super potent THC that smells and tastes as it should, but it’s gotten from more complex chemical reactions.
Oddly, because it is derived from hemp, which is legal, THC-O is legal in states where THC isn’t and you can buy it online. It comes in vape carts and concentrates.

It is a great idea for people who want to enjoy cannabis in states where marijuana is not yet legal, or for people that can’t get THC.

However, for people who have access to cannabis, THC-O Acetate isn’t on the table. They’d always pick the organically grown THC sources over the laboratory versions.

Dr. Ethan Russo agrees that these by-products only exist because THC isn’t legal in all states. If it were, there would be no need to take convoluted routes just to get good THC content. If THC were legalized and properly regulated, none of these by-products would exist.

The bottom line is, that we don’t know enough about THC-O Acetate to guarantee that it won’t cause any serious side effects. As far as we know, organic cannabis wins always. We need THC to become legal or decriminalized so you don’t have these other THC by-products popping up.

We discussed THC-O on our Weekly Terp Talk Tuesday 7:10 EST. If you like this blog check out how to start growing cannabis or our trip out to Winewood Organics.


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