How To Start Growing Cannabis


How do you begin to start growing cannabis? If you are intrigued by the growing market for cannabis, as we are sure that thousands of Americans are, you must have asked yourself what it takes to be that guy, delivering packages and stuffing bills down your pocket.

Well, what does it take to successfully grow a cannabis plant for commercial purposes? Find out in this short article.


What do I need to grow a cannabis plant?


First off, you need legislation concerning cannabis growth in your locale. Tick the following items off your list once you’ve certified that you’re allowed to grow cannabis.


  1. Soil- the best soil for growing cannabis should rest somewhere between 5.8 and 6.5 on the pH scale. The higher the pH, the better. Most commercial fertilisers induce acidity, even if they are organically sourced. Hence, it is safer to start with slightly alkaline soil, and then proceed into the normal range. 
  2. Warmth- yes, you need to make plans for temperature changes even before you start cultivating. You may not notice the effects of adverse weather conditions on your cannabis plant; it affects its chemical composition. Cannabis grown in areas above 31°c or below 15°c have much lower THC levels than those grown within this range.
  3. Water and light- if you’re new to planting, you may think a plant can never have too much light and moisture. Cannabis begs to differ. Too much water and you suffocate its roots; too much light and your plant will yield no flowers or buds, just leaves. Do not water your cannabis plant if the soil is still damp, and ensure that it gets at least 8 hours of darkness every day.


Where do I start?


Now that you have the basics, you must decide what path to take to cultivation. Perhaps the most important factor (and the one which has the most impact on your yield) is the genetic makeup of your starting material.


The two broad options are seeds and clones. With a clone, you are replicating the genetic makeup of an already existing cannabis plant. There’s not much of a surprise here; what you see is what you get. Unfortunately, this stomps variation. Oftentimes, farmers clone plants, then take the seeds of the clones and grow them again to allow for genetic variety. A tedious process.


With seeds, there are more possibilities and much more exciting outcomes. On the flip side, these may be overwhelming and confusing. Luckily, seed banks like Seedhub make the job easy. For example, one major hassle was sex determination; you can’t tell if a seed is male or female until it grows. Seedhub offers feminized seeds, which have a high probability of sprouting into female plants. Plus, they conserve the genetic variation that is necessary for healthy, autoflowering plants.


A few years back, it would have been impossible to predetermine the strain that a seed will grow into. Seedhub, fortunatley, hacked the riddle. You can browse through their strain collection and select seeds of your favorite cannabis strain to grow.







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