Winewood Organics

On this week’s episode of MiCannaCast we have Owner Eric of Winewood Organics. Winewood Organics is a microbusiness license in the state of Michigan. Winewood is currently located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It is different than any other license you are able to obtain.

We dive into the process of getting a micro license, how difficult was it, and what steps did you have to do to obtain it? Did you know that a Micro-business license means you do everything in the shop? That means you grow your flower, process the flower, and distribute the product at your retail front store.

Everything is done in-house, you can see the plants growing in the back as you walk into Winewood. 100% Organic everything is organic because he grows his flower in living soil and doesn’t add bottles or salt base nutes to his medium. Eric breaks down what it’s like growing in living soil and having all organic plants.

The micro-business to us is similar to a winery out in Cali or Traverse City Mi, where mostly everything is done in-house. The only thing with the winery is I believe they can distribute to stores, but cannabis you can’t only sell it from your retail shop.

It’s great to see these popping up slowly across the State. Winewood is the first Micro Business in Ann Arbor and the first on this side of the state. the other ones are more up north or on the west side of the state.

If you haven’t been to Winewood Organics yet, make sure you check them out and mention MiCannaCast when you visit them! If you want to learn more about the micro-business and Winewood. When you mention MiCannaCast you will recieve 35% off Your First Visit. You can’t beat that deal what are you waiting for make it out to Ann Arbor and visit Winewood.

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