Peter Tosh Legacy

In this week’s episode of MiCannaCast, we have a special guest Niambe McIntosh. If you are not familiar with Ms. McIntosh she is the daughter of the late great Musician and Activist Peter Tosh. Peter Tosh is known for his reggae music hit singles Legalizeit, Wanted Dread & Live, and more. It was truly an honor to have Ms.Tosh on our episode especially since Groovee & Cannadave have listened to her father’s music for years.

Who is Ms.Tosh?

She was born in Jamaica and raised in Boston Massachusetts. Niambe runs the estate of Peter Tosh and the Brand for everything. She is helping run the cannabis brand Seen that will be launching in the future. This is almost like Tosh’s vision. Niambe is also on the board of the Last Prisoner Project.

She was teaching in Boston schooling then decided to take on the roles she currently has running the estate and brand of Peter Tosh. Niambe gives us great insight into what it’s like running everything and getting her Father’s vision out there more as cannabis becomes legal.

Justice for Jawara

Niambe Tosh’s Brother Jawara was arrested for a small amount of cannabis and was placed in jail due to it. What happened to Jawara is “Unfortunately, on February 21, 2017, Jawara McIntosh, son of legendary reggae artist Peter Tosh, was beaten into a coma, sustaining severe traumatic brain injuries while in the custody of Bergen County Jail in New Jersey while serving a six-month sentence for cannabis-related charges (”

This is incredibly sad because nobody should have this happen to them inside a jail for small possession of cannabis. Nobody should lose their life over possession. It’s truly sad to see this and hear her story about what happened to her brother. One reason the war on drugs and especially cannabis needs to end. Never should have been there in the first place for cannabis and to ultimately lose his life over this tragedy.

SEEN by Peter Tosh

Seen is the cannabis brand that will be coming to market in the future. It will be part of the peter tosh legacy and they are releasing it. This is exciting to see this brand making to store shelves in the future because it’s part of the vision Peter Tosh had years ago with Legalizing cannabis. The brand is currently not in any states but will be in the future.


It was an amazing experience having Niambe McIntosh on and learning about her objectives and goals within the cannabis industry. Spreading more awareness through her activism and pushing her father’s Legacy!


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