In today’s new episode of MiCannaCast we will be discussing Oak Canna Brands. We have a special guest Andy Lead Vendor for OakCanna to give us insight into what they are about. What companies are underneath Oak Canna how did they start and where did they begin from! All this and more in the latest episode with Cannadave & Groovee. Did you know Banned Co, J’s Prerolls, & Petro 710 are all apart of Oak Canna? If you want to listen to the audio about Oak Canna Brands listen here.

If you have been in the medical program in Michigan you have heard of one of these companies I bet. That would be Cannaboys, they produce high-quality flowers and have unique genetics. We used to see them at the Hightimes Cups with one of the biggest booths and just so many people around trying to get their hands on Cannaboys. You have probably heard us discuss Cannaboys in the past, we reviewed a couple of strains in the earlier episodes. One that we liked was Dinosaur Food which was cultivated by Cannaboys. We reviewed that almost 2 years ago now which is wild.

It’s great to see them coming back now to the legal adult-use market! They are under the umbrella of Oak Canna Brands, which is a collection of a couple of other brands. Andy explains what happened in the past to cannaboys to get them where they are now.

Oak Canna Brands

Under Oak Canna you have the Flower Cannaboys, Petro 710 is the concentrate company, Banned Co edibles are the edibles that they produce, and J’s Prerolls are the Prepackaged prerolls you have seen from our giveaways and even a couple of weeks ago.

Andy explains the story of how Banned got their name lol. Let me tell you it’s great and shows us how difficult it can be to get things passed in the legal market. The edibles one of them has nerds on the inside of the gummy instead of the outside. Why does that matter?? MRA disapproved of the nerds on the outside of the gummies. Why was it disapproved? They don’t just have gummies either currently, they have a collab with Detroit cookie company cookie creampie. If you get a chance to try Banned Co and their edibles we highly recommend trying them out.

J’s Prerolls are very cool and unique. They are prepacked doobs in packs similar to cigarettes and you can buy them by a single pack or a carton just like cigarettes. They come in different flavors color coordinated to the effects they give off. They had GMO, MAC 1, and Tropicanna Cookies, there will be more genetics in the future as they continue releasing the product. On the back of the packaging, it states “A Caregiver Legacy” Which is awesome to see. why because they started as a caregiver through the medical marijuana program in Michigan & they are continuing that legacy by going into the adult-use market.

Petro 710 is the concentrates company under Oak Canna. They have a quality concentrate for a great price. Many different unique strains they have for them as well. Have you tried this product yet?

It’s great to see all these brands coming to market or already on the market because they have roots in the medical program. They aren’t in it for the money but for the love of the plant and what it can do. If you have tried any of these products let us know in the comments or send us a message! We would love to hear what you think.

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