Packwoods From LA to Michigan. This brand is in a couple of states that have adult-use cannabis sales that have landed in the Michigan Market. We have a special guest Russ & Chef of Packwoods to talk about their plans for the Michigan Market and what cool unique products they have like the Packrillo. Are you familiar with Packwoods maybe have seen them on the shelves recently? Let’s get into what makes Packwoods so unique.

Have you tried a Packwood before? A Packwood is a wrap non-tobacco and is filled with cannabis and concentrates and the outside is rolled in Keif. That sounds pretty intense doesn’t it lol. That’s not all tho, the Packwood is 2.5gs with 2 grams of flower and .5 grams of concentrates. What’s really cool about the Packwood is that everything is the same stain 100%.

What does that mean? This means that the flower, concentrate, & Keif are all made from the same strain. If it’s a Kush Mints Packwood then you would have a flower, Concentrate, and kief all of the same rolled up. That’s very unique to us because you see a lot of these collaborations with flowers and concentrates but they are different products not the same. Sometimes the taste of those products doesn’t match up but, imagine hitting your favorite strain, concentrate, and kief all at one time. That’s a specialty one strain all the way through every time. Definitely sets them apart from other special prerolls.

Packwood’s Michigan

Now that Packwoods Michigan they are building up their current grow to be able to produce everything in-house. They will be bringing in multiple products to the Michigan market like the Packrillos, Flower, & the specialty one.

The Packrillos are flowers rolled into a Packwood similar to a pack of Rillios. The cool thing about the Packrillo is that it comes with 3 of them in a pack instead of 1 Packwood. The main difference is the wood is filled with Concentrates while the Packrillo is filled with only flower.

It will be great to see them crafting their own strains in-house and having control over the quality of the product instead of sourcing it as they have been. Stay tuned to all the products they will bring to the Michigan Market.


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