We are reviewing Gastro Pop Flower by Society C. This product was entered into the Hightimes Cannabis Cup medical hybrid category. The gastro pop is grown by compound genetics and its lineage is apple & Bananas x Grape Gasoline. Not much info on the packaging just your normal THC %. We would love to see more on terpenes, cannabinoids, and lineage.

The smell of the Gastro Pop was dank as soon as you cracked or ripped open the container. It was a very dominant dank smell even when you break open the nug you smell the grape gasoline. It’s a very pungent grape smell with the cross of grape gasoline.

The look and feel of the Gastro Pop have hues of purple in the buds. It looks like it’s the purple from the genetics and not from dropping the temp. It broke up good and you could smell the nug on your fingers if you broke it up that way.

As you spark the Gastro Pop joint, you get a grape taste from the flower. The first couple of puffs were harsh to each of us during the smoke. The ash started off more on the darker side and didn’t get to become the light clean ash that we like. You were getting a slight grape taste which was great to see because the taste and smell matched on that but with the harshness of the smoke, it just wasn’t as enjoyable.

The ash could be better and the taste would come in even better and not go away like it was during the review. We wouldn’t recommend this product unless the ash and taste were better on the next batch. Would look into a different strain probably but not the Gastro Pop. If you enjoy strain reviews check out our what to know about terpenes.

Unfortunately, the Gastro Pop by Society C didn’t pass our test.

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