Terpenes are the aromatic compound that determines the scent of many flowers and herbs. They also give cannabis a distinctive order and contribute to its flavor. We will learn about what cannabis terpenes are!

Cannabis contains over 150 types of different terpenes. Although most new terpenes are present only in trace amounts, the most prominent ones work together to give diverse cannabis trains their signature scent profiles.

The combination of terpenes in the strain Gas Station Sushi is Cymene which tells you that there will be a citrus and wood combination to the product as well as Humulene which contains notes of earth and bark.

Terpenes in weed also hold diverse functions in the plant that are able to produce a range of healing effects as well as mood-altering effects within cannabis consumers.
Where do terpenes come from?
Terps are naturally-occurring compounds found in trichomes of female cannabis plants. Trichomes are sticky glands that cover the surface of buds and they contain resin glands that produce terpenes.

A number of variables can affect the number of terpenes a cannabis plant is able to produce. These factors would include whether the plant is grown outdoors or indoors, exposure to light, temperature, certain growing mediums, nutrient labels, and when harvesting is carried out can all influence terpene levels.

Many terpenes are easily lost during standard cannabis extraction processes. However, growing awareness of the therapeutic value of terps is leading to more sensitive extraction methods such as live resin. These methods are used to ensure that as many terpenes compounds that can be extracted are so the weed can carry a diverse range of aromas and mood-elevators.
How do terpenes affect the body?
Awareness of the healing properties of terpenes is not new. For a long time, humans have used the unique scents that are associated with terpenes to create essential oils for practices like aromatherapy.

Cannabis terpenes are a new frontier in cannabis medicine. Until recently, the spotlight has almost been completely focused on the effects and qualities of cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD, but as our understanding is beginning to grow more. It’s becoming apparent that these terpene compounds are medical powerhouses as well.
How do terpenes contribute to the effects of cannabis?
Recent research has found that terpenes in weed can boost cannabinoid activity, but high concentrations of terpenes were needed in the first place in order to see this enhancement.

It’s important to acknowledge that much is still unknown when it comes to terpenes and their interactions with other terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids present in cannabis. What we do know is that cannabis terps are able to bring differing mood-altering effects for different consumers. It’s all about your body chemistry and how the terpenes interact with your individual self.

The growing interest in these terpenes and their effects are yielding some interesting findings throughout studies. It is likely that the coming years will see an advancement in the understanding of the development of terpenes, and how they behave both individually and synergistically for cannabis.

Terpenes are wonderful and really are what create a unique experience with cannabis with the consumer.

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