Cannadave & Groovee of MiCannaCast recap the past weekend at CannaCon Detroit 2021. We attended both days of the Friday and Saturday expo. We have photos, video interviews, and episodes of this event. It was great to be back in attendance at one of these events post-pandemic.  You had many brands from nutrient companies, seeds, lights, processors, and many more. Some of the expo speakers we saw were Pot Brothers At Law, Andrew Brisbro, & Narmin Jarrous, and many more.

CannaCon Day 1.

The first day of Cannacon was an exciting time for us, we received our press passes which got us into the exhibit and also the seminars upstairs. Walking in it was pretty packed on day one, with tons of vendors, and pretty much most booths were packed with attendees. Our mission was to make connections in the industry, recordings, & photos.

We were able to record with Derek of Cannabusters, which is a spray that eliminates odors of cannabis. This can either be at the commercial or the residential use.

We talked to Dean of 3 Lefts, which is a new brand out in Ionia Michigan. 3 Lefts came from the Caregiver program here in Michigan and they’re in Ionia. The dispensary is called Arcanna they will be producing buds and concentrates by the 3 lefts and trap house company. He showed us a seed collection which was unbelievable so many seeds you wouldn’t believe us lol.  We are super excited to see all their products hitting the market here in the future, and 3 lefts will be having unique strains coming to the market, and some even clone-only genetics!

3 lefts will produce many products some to name are solventless carts, hash rosin, BHO wax, Quality flower, & edibles. 3 Lefts will get you right is their mission statement. It’s great to see brands carrying and producing great quality products for the consumers.


A couple of the speakers we saw on the first day of CannaCon was Andrew Brisbro he is the Executive Director at the MRA Michigan Regulatory Agency. Andrew was speaking on the licensing in Mi, explaining the Michigan market, & more. We were able to get a photo and talk to him for a couple of mins after his seminar.

Cannadave with Andrew Brisbro Andrew Brisbro Director of MRA Andrew Brisbro Seminar

During Andrew’s session, they had Narmin Jarrous speaking in the other room. She is with Exclusive Brands and her seminar was on Social Consciousness in Cannabis Business. Great speech on social equity, brand image, how to navigate a brand through social media. We also talked about Narmin in a previous episode about when Ascension Health denied her medication when she went for a refill after testing for THC.

Cannadave Talking to Narmin  Kushy Punch & Exclusive Brands

Pot Brothers At Law

Day 2 had the main seminar around the Pot Brothers At Law in which they talked about the script and what to do when you’re getting pulled over. How to overcome the adrenaline rush when it happens, that is why they teach the script. The Script is a tool used to help you out if you get pulled over by the cops. Marc & Craig are great guys in the community, it was awesome to meet them in person finally since we talked last year.

Pot Brothers at law

Pot Brothers at Law Seminar

MiCannaCast with Pot Brothers at Law

Cannadave & Groovee Photo with Pot Brothers at Law

Marc & Craig STFU

Pot Brothers at law Script

Cannadave & Groovee photo with Pot Brothers At Law. We had the Pot Brothers at Law on a podcast last year, where we learned The Script & Slam poem. Marc & Craig also took photos with everyone who wanted at the end of the seminar and the famous last line they always say from the script “STFU” Shut the Fuck Up! Below are two videos by the Pot Brothers at Law The Script Challenge Live and the Slam Poem Live.

The Slam Poem by Marc.

The Script Challenge Live.


CannaCon Day 2

We stopped at the Rare Dankness booth and spoke with CEO/Founder Scott Reach, who created Scott’s OG. It was a great time speaking with him because the brand is making its way into the Michigan market in the coming months. A whole vertically integrated operation with their genetics.

Cannadave & Scott of Rare Dankness

We also got introduced to Grove bags at CannaCon. Which is a bag for a grower to place their bud in for curing and burping. Grove Bags has a terpene technology that helps the curing process without using the burping method.

Terplock helps maintain a perfect cannabis climate for the buds. We all know too much humidity can cause your bud to rot and you can’t use that cannabis after. Bud rot is a bad mold that will turn the buds moldy and unusable, especially with higher humidity in the summer in Michigan. This could be the right product to help you keep your buds nice and fresh!


Tommy of Detroit Nutrient Company, we were able to talk to regarding his medium that you only have to add water to throughout the entire process. Cannadave is going to be doing a side-by-side experiment to see how it goes, stay tuned. We have used his worm castings in the past and those are some of the best out there. Tommy gave us each a bag of his soil that we will be doing the experiment with! We will keep you updated.

MiCannaCast with Tommy Detroit Nutrients

Cannadave & Groovee taking a photo with Tommy of Detroit Nutrient Company.

Concentrates are huge in the cannabis industry and we saw many extraction companies there. We were able to do a couple of interviews one was Adam of Luna Technologies Extraction. They have a fully automated system, that comes with different recipes to make your concentrates. Adam breaks down how the machine is used and how you can program it to use the recipes and save time and money this way.

The Second interview we had was with Gary of xtractor Depot a closed-loop extraction system. Great explanation by Gary that one of the cool things is it doesn’t clog like a lot of other extractor systems. Gary goes through the entire process of xtractor Depot check out the video to learn more!

High Life Farms didn’t show up and we had this picture to prove it lol. If you’re not familiar with High Life Farms or why the hate it’s because they’re part of the MCMA in Michigan which is trying to limit plant count for caregivers and patients. We had Jamie Lowell & Rick Thompson on to discuss the MCMA and what we can do.

Midlle Finger to High Life Farms

We met so many different people and companies through the expo it was awesome. Another great conversation we had was with Caroline from Dyna-Gro. We recently had an episode with Caroline from Dyna-Gro, in which she explained everything about Dyna-Gro. Caroline goes into why most growers should look into having the product Pro-tek by Dyna-Gro.

Caroline of Dyna Grow

Caroline of Dyna Grow at CannaCon Detroit


CannaCon Overall

Overall CannaCon 2021 was a great time and learning experience between the seminars and the vendors. It was an awesome experience talking to the pot brothers at law, Andrew Brisbro of the MRA, Narmin Jarrous of Exclusive Brands, Tommy of Detroit Nutrient Company, Jack of Grove Bags, Scott of Rare Dankness, Derek of cannabusters, and everyone else. It wouldn’t be so great without all the great conversations we had with everyone and anyone we missed to Thank you!


If you haven’t been to a CannaCon before highly recommend you check one out. They will be in Chicago, Illinois in the next month with different vendors and speakers. Also here are some of our older episodes with Jamie & Rick discussing MCMA, Alan CEO/Founder of NOBO, and many more. Below is a bunch of photos from CannaCon with different vendors and speakers.

Cannadave at a booth Weedmaps Booth OCB Booth

Humboldt Nutrients Cannadave & Cannabis aid & Allperplus Precision Extraction Solutions

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