On Episode 87 of MiCannaCast, Cannadave & Groovee have Special guest Alan Bonsett CEO/Founder of NOBO. We are able to learn more about an upcoming brand here in the Michigan Market and what makes them different from other brands that are here in the State.

Mission Statement of NOBO: NOBO is, NOBO is Michigan it’s their saying they use. “Those in the know, Know NOBO!”

Alan has been in the Colorado Market for about 10 years now. They are huge cultivators in the state of Michigan & Colorado. They have an LED lighting company (Grow Ray technologies) they own and use these for their own grows in the state here. LEDs have changed the game with grow lights. Do you prefer HPS or LEDs as a grower? It’s one of the bigger debates in the industry. We agree with Alan that LEDs are the ways to go. Cannadave did a LED vs HPS side by side.


NOBO first started in the Legal Colorado market and expanded to the Michigan Market in the last year. They have two retail shops open in the Michigan Market right now they’re in Edwardsburg and Muskegon. The plan for them is to open up 3 more locations in the state this year. They also have a cultivation facility in Benton Harbor to produce their quality buds. They also have an extraction company in Benton Harbor as well, they produce full-spectrum gummies and full spectrum vape cartridges. A special item they create is Moonrocks and have those at the shops, who doesn’t love some good old moonrocks.

Farm to Table Model is NOBO’s concept for vape full spectrum cartridges to extract the terpenes and reintroduce the terpenes back into the vape pens on Strain Specific strains. It’s great to see this reintroduce because its exact strains, not like a bubblegum flavor or berry berry flavor.

The main focus of Nobo is quality of product they produce to compete with other competitors in Michigan and Colorado. We believe Quality over Quantity for products. We believe it’s great to see companies going for quality of plants and care on a daily basis than just mass producing cannabis.

Alan talks about his time in Oregon and how the competition is out there. Before coming to the Michigan Market was in Oregon and got out but planned to try to get into other states moving forward with legalization. It was cool to hear Alan’s experience with the different states they have been to and its exciting to see where they will be next!

Special Code

They’re currently hiring in the Michigan Market, if this is something you’re interested in please contact NOBO through their website or their social channels. Also, mention MiCannaCast when you go to apply. NOBO is all about Community and community driven with the company.

If you haven’t checked out NOBO in either Muskegon or Edwardsburg give them a try. In NOBO Stores All Month Long in June 2021 mention MiCannaCast receive 200 Loyalty Points. Also, Mention MicannaCast when you go to Muskegon when buying NOBO products and Receive 50% of Points back in Loyalty points you can renew on your next visit to Muskegon.

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