What is the Lavender Terpene in Cannabis?


Linalool is one of the terpenes found in cannabis, it has the fragrance of lavender, and is known for its relaxing effects. It deals with stress and anxiety. This isn’t surprising; if you’ve used a lavender bath bomb you’d know what we’re talking about.


Strains with high lavender content include Granddaddy Purps, Zkittlez, Lavender Kush, and Do-Si-Dos. Linalool has high anti-microbial effects, it’s not surprising that strains with high linalool content are quite easy to grow. For example, DoSiDos grow well even in humid climates. The linalool content could be the reason why you don’t have to worry about molds or bacterial attacks.


Linalool enhances cannabis strains in more ways than one. Asides its entourage effect (since it is a terpene), it reacts with our olfactory receptors and induces calmness on a physical level. Linalool directly modulates the brain’s response through the olfactory system. This concept is the backbone of aromatherapy.


Linalool may have the ability to fight Alzheimer’s disease. According to one study, it reverses some symptoms of Alzheimer’s, this is something we need to look more into. The most prominent results were noticed in the cognitive behaviors of mice treated with linalool. Another test of mice proved that this terpene significantly reduces fear, anxiety, and stress. 


Strains containing linalool would be a great pick for people prone to Alzheimer’s and dementia.

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