What is Color Remediation Column?


Color Remediation Column is a secondary filtration column designed to take impurities out of cannabis products. CRC typically starts with Butane Hash Oil, BHO. BHO is a dark brown to pale yellow isolate obtained by extracting the cannabinoids and terpenes of a cannabis plant by using butane. However, it may contain some impurities and toxins. The companies that support CRC sell it as a necessary purification step.  The product of the CRC should be clear or pale yellow.


Should we be wary of CRC? The answer isn’t clear. It sounds appropriate to take out impurities from concentrates, but the problem is that it may perfectly mask a substandard product. Even with extracting with BHO, a good extract should be pale yellow if the cannabis source is fresh and organic. With CRC, a company can take a dark brown product and filter it through bentonite clay and silica gel in the CRC until it’s pale yellow.

So you could be dabbing pure silica gel or just solvent while thinking you’re getting THC. 


CRC also takes out the terpenes that make cannabis smell great, so it just smells like you’re dabbing a waxy chemical and not a cannabis product.

People who have used CRC-processed wax report that it doesn’t hit the same. 

This seems to only be good news to marijuana growers because they can sell more. Instead of disposing of substandard oils because people won’t buy them, they can filter them until they’re almost white, even if it means their buyers are dabbing pure silica. 



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