Neno’s Naturals is a wellness brand set out on a mission – to help people feel great in their bodies and work towards sustainable good in the world. They are a CBD company based out of Michigan.


Founder, Narmin (Neno) Jarrous has created her own path in the cannabis industry. She has been in business since she was 15 years old with experience in restaurants, medical sales, and marketing. Jarrous has a deep passion for social equity and currently works in licensing and business development.


Neno’s Naturals is making a mark on the cannabis industry with the brand’s dedication to human wellness and social equity.

CBD Effects for Pain Relief

CBD products can help with a large range of issues such as pain and anxiety. Jarrous is passionate about the products offered at Neno’s Naturals because of her personal struggles with chronic pain over the years.


Many people can relate to issues with chronic pain and dealing with big pharma. Sometimes we continue to see doctors for pain that does not seem to go away. You may end getting prescribed pain killers that ultimately you will need to take more and more of in order to maintain pain relief.


CBD effects are a natural remedy that does not need to be used over-extensively. Like many, Jarrous felt overwhelmed by her first experience inside a dispensary. She started with purchasing CBD products and began to slowly introduce herself to micro-dosing of THC alongside her CBD consumption.

CBD for Relaxation

Jarrous believes that cannabis use is all medicinal – relaxation is a necessity for the body and mind. Whether your consumption method is THC or CBD or a combination of the two, you are finding a natural remedy to stress, anxiety, pain, and restlessness.


Neno’s Naturals offers CBD for sleep with products created with nighttime in mind to help you unwind after your day, get to sleep, and stay asleep. On the reverse, they offer many great products for daytime use which are wonderful for working through your day. They offer a variety of differently balanced CBD products including gummies, tinctures, topicals, capsules, and even patches.


These products are great for experimenting and getting to know what CBD products with the right balance are perfect for you. CBD for anxiety is a great way to find natural relief.


Use caution to avoid “gas station” CBD products. Many of these products go untested and unregulated. They may contain harmful ingredients and it’s important to know source lab testing for the CBD products that you choose to purchase and consume.

Making Impactful Changes to the Cannabis Industry


Neno’s Naturals is a brand focused on people that have been practically “thrown out” by the medical system. People who have been dealing with issues such as anxiety, chronic pain, or trouble sleeping.


CBD products are available online and it’s important to know that you are purchasing proud, great-quality products that have been lab-tested. All of their CBD products are directly hemp-derived and contain under .03% THC.


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