Cannadave & Groovee review MKX collab with Tommy Chong Preroll filled with Cookies and Cream. We picked up this particular preroll at Shango in Hazel Park. The Tommy Chong collab happened back in May bringing his Cannabis brand to Michigan. MKX is known for its oil and also edibles in the state of Michigan. On Tommy Chong’s website, you can locate where he has his prerolls.

The oil could be known for the possible failed test back in the earlier medical days, but the edibles have really taken off for MKX. It will be interesting to see how this preroll goes. We both haven’t tried their flower product until this review.

You would expect that if Tommy Chong is representing the preroll or putting his name on you would expect a great product. First, the joint didn’t start out the best starting to sideburn which sucks for a preroll you buy. It cost $20 for a g of cookies & Cream which is one of 3 flavors we could of tried. It’s frustrating when you buy the product in the market for a price of $20 and it sideburns and the cannabis inside doesn’t taste the best and it’s harsh.

The Preroll overall wasn’t the best it was pretty much a disappointment. The taste disappears after the first couple of puffs which is the worst in a joint. Cookies & Cream is a great strain usually on the sweeter side and its bred by Exotic Genetix. We have talked about his strains many times, which the excitement for cookies & cream would be high, but let down by MKX and the bud inside. This preroll should have been on sale at $10 nothing more or it’s overpriced.

This makes you wonder do the brands or Celeb try the product before they put their face on it? Tommy Chong and the MKX collab are not good, Lil Wayne & GKUA the flower review was a huge disappointment just like preroll here. We wouldn’t recommend buying this strain/preroll to try. it does suck for Tommy Chong but big blame goes to MKX to step up their prerolls and flower inside because that was bad.

Have you tried the Tommy Chong Preroll collab with MKX? If so let us know in the comments curious if anyone else had better luck. Check out our review on Truffle Pig by NOBO out in Muskegon or our Cookies Detroit review.

Cannadave Scored 44

Groovee Scored 43

Both of the scores by Cannadave & Groovee could be lower to for the Tommy Chong Preroll Review by MKX.




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