Terpinolene is known for its woody smell, but it may give off a citrus scent. It may give a slightly different aroma depending on where it’s found. Terpinolene is found in lilac, apples, tea trees, sage, nutmeg, and rosemary. It is multidimensional; you can’t pick it out like a limonene or citrus peel scent, but you know it’s there in the background, contributing to the general earthy aroma. For example, an apple doesn’t smell like a tea tree, so if you were handed a high-Terpinolene blunt, it wouldn’t smell like apples. Want to learn more on what cannabis terpenes are?


 It is not as common as Myrcene or limonene, but it exists in many strains. However, it is not dominant in any of these strains. 


Strains with high amounts of Terpinolenes include Jack Herer, Ghost Train Haze, Dutch Treat, Golden Pineapples, Orange cookies, etc. Most strains with high amounts of terpinolene are sourced from Sativa species.


Tyson farms make a decent blunt by infusing terpinolene into a blunt. Terpinolene-infused tips seem like a great idea; they enhance a blunt’s taste and the overall experience. 


Here are some advantages of Terpinolene

  1. It has antifungal and antibacterial properties 
  2. It is found in insect-repellants
  3. It is considered lightly to moderately sedative and a central nervous system depressant. 
  4. In appropriate doses, terpinolene fights insomnia, restlessness, and anxiety. 
  5. Asides from its uses in cannabis, it serves as a preserving and flavoring agent in the food industry
  6. Some household items contain terpinolene, e.g., soaps and cosmetics, because of its calming effect on the senses. 


The best thing about Terpinolene is the Entourage effect it exhibits with THC. A Terpinolene-infused blunt should have a greater psychoactivity than a plain one, assuming they had the exact THC content. This terp isn’t found as a primary terpene but could be a secondary terp found in cannabis.

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