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Episode 34: Social Equity Program

In this new episode of MiCannaCast Cannadave & Groovee go into a couple of topics happening in Mi and news on Social Equity Program in Mi! The first topic we touch on is that COVID-19 still hasn’t stopped the adult-use cannabis industry and the recreational sales from the continual growth!

Adult Use Update

According to the Detroit News Article “About $54.6 million in recreational marijuana sales were reported to the state in the nine weeks between March 9 and May 10, with more than $7 million weekly total sales each week for the past four weeks.” That is big for the industry in a time like this. Recreational sales just started in Dec. The sales have been constant before the Stay at Home order was issued. Cannadave & Groovee think this will continue as a result of the constant uptick during covid. Has the Adult Use industry exploded with new licenses during this time period? Tune and hear what we say!

The Second and Third Topic we talk about are the two cities in Mi that have Medical Marijuana shops now they can turn into adult-use sales. The two cities are Jackson and Kalamazoo Mi! We have been out to Jackson once and we stopped in Choice Labs and the seedcellar seed bank out there! It’s great to see the continual growth in licenses in the Michigan industry and these cities now will be able to get tax revenue from recreational sales.

We also do a short strain review on Qrazy Train by SubCool Genetics. RIP to Subcool as well he just passed away recently. We talk about the two different Phenos we were able to try as well and which one we liked better and why.

The Social Equity Program in Michigan

The last topic we talk about is the Social Equity Program. This was the hot hot news we discussed at the beginning of the episode!

The article we found from Mlive stated “If you have a marijuana-related felony conviction — so long as it wasn’t for distribution to a minor — the state is offering a 40% discount on the $6,000 application fee and licensing fees that initially cost $25,000 for a retail license and up to $40,000 for processing businesses or growers of up to 2,000 plants, based on proposed rules that have yet to be finalized. Annual renewal fees are similar, but fluctuate according on the size of the business. Anyone with a marijuana-related misdemeanor conviction receives a 25% discount, as well as anyone who’s lived in a designated social equity community for five of the last 10 years. Another 10% exemption applies to applicants who’ve registered as a medical marijuana caregiver for at least two years between 2008 and 2017.”

This is big for the Michigan Cannabis Industry and its great to see a program like this out there for people who were affected by the war on cannabis. The program has some select cities that can get discounts, if you been a caregiver for a minimum of two years between 2008-2017, and also if you had a felony or misdemeanor marijuana offense you can possibly get a discount as long as you didn’t sell to a minor! Can Groovee Get the name of the program correct though lol?

Hear what Cannadave and Groovee say about this program and how it can help Michigan and other States!

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