This episode we have 2 special guests one is Drew CEO of Waxxin and JP both of who are working in the Michigan Cannabis Industry currently and their opinion on what is happening right now.  What’s the future of Michigan Cannabis?

What Happened on the first day of Recreational Sales in Ann Arbor? We will tell you the first person to buy in the state and how were the lines and prices?

What are the Class Licenses in the state and what is the best one to get if you want to get into the industry?

How are the MicroBusiness License compared to Class A, B, or C?

A list to find all the Local Cannabis events Happening in the State of Michigan!

We Go into detail of Cannabis Aid and what the Conference is about and when it happens again in Michigan!

What’s a Nectar Collector? How do you use a Nectar Collector? We talk about a way to consume concentrates with that has been around for a little while we just haven’t used it as often yet.

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