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Concentrate Consistencies & Weedmaps Top 20

Episode 44: Concentrate Consistencies & Weedmaps Top 20

In this new episode, Cannadave & Groovee talk about recent updates in the Michigan Market. We talk about Weedmaps top 20 medical dispensaries in Detroit, Mi. We also break down the different types of concentrate consistencies from how they are made from solvents to Solvent-less? Always many questions when it comes to concentrate consistencies that’s why we are talking about it in today’s episode.

We will talk about which consistency we like best and why during the episode. Come join and listen to MiCannaCast break Down the different Concentrate Consistencies, and Weedmaps Top 20 Medical Shops in Detroit, Mi do we agree with Weedmaps List? Tune in and Find Out!

Adult-Use Update Mi

The first topic is the Michigan Adult Use market is continuing to grow at a rapid pace. We have over 200 Million in sales and tax revenue for the state of Michigan in its first 7 months of legalization. Where do we see it ending up this year? Cannadave thinks half-billion! What do you think? Groovee has a different opinion. Tune in and find out. With the new cities going to adult-use sales like Wayne in Michigan it’s only going to increase the cities revenue from legal cannabis especially with more companies producing concentrates and flowers.

WeedMaps Top 20

Weedmaps came out with their Top 20 dispensaries in Detroit and The Metro Times Released it. Firstly we didn’t know if we agreed with Weedmaps Top 20 list because we haven’t been to most of the shops on the list. Number one on Weedmaps Top 20 was Michigan Supply & Provisions congrats on number one. We personally haven’t been to any in the top 5 and we will be checking them out in the near future. After going through the list we had some different opinons and what we thought should be ranked higher.

I thought Reef Detroit should’ve been ranked higher than what it was on the list. we noticed a couple of shops we go to weren’t on the list. One of them was 5 and Dime and also Cookies Detroit. I personally wanted to know why & how they came up with the rankings. Did they rank them on the flower, the different concentrate consistencies, edibles, topicals, or maybe just based on Weedmaps reviews?

Concentrate Consistencies

What are Concentrate Consistencies and the solvent or solventless concentrates differences? Why are there so many different concentrate consistencies and what makes them different? We go into all these topics and show some samples of them in our video which is on Youtube. The different concentrate consistencies that we talk about are Rosin, Shatter, Live Resin, Cured Resin, Diamonds, Sauce, THCA, Diamonds & Sauce together, & Crumble.

All of these are made differently and go through some similar techniques but not all to come up with the final product that the consumer uses. Most of these concentrates are made with solvents (butane or other solvents) compared to Rosin which is made with just a press and the flower or bud and is squished with heat to make it solventless. Solvent-less means there are no impurities or chemicals that made the concentrate. They are usually done with water or a press to get your bubble hash and Rosin which are solvent-less concentrates. We both personally like the solventless like Rosin or Hash but it’s hard to find compared to your Solvents. Which makes it more accessible to stick to your shatters, diamonds, & Sauces. We enjoy talking about concentrates because there are so many different kinds and different terps we want to try them all.

Find out what Cannadave and Groove like best!

MiCannaCast Updates

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Concentrate Consistencies & Weedmaps Top 20

In Conclusion, thanks for Tuning in, and Sit back Relax and Listen to another episode of MiCannaCast!! Check Out one of our previous episodes Pot Brothers At Law. If you want to check out an episode on concentrates and solvents check out Five Star Extracts & Cloud Cover Concentrates or Monster Extracts.

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