Ghost 313

In this new episode of MiCannaCast, Cannadave and Groovee discuss Michigan Clean State Bill & Ghost 313 Review. Huge news for the state of Michigan that this has been signed especially because we have used rec cannabis for about a year and we legalized in 2018.  We also discuss a strain from Ghost 313 Madarian Cake and review this strain. DNA Genetics makes its way over to the Michigan market. It looks like they connected with Skymint brands for exclusive rights for growing their strains. Is this the new way for genetics to get into the cannabis industry?

DNA Genetics

Firstly, DNA Genetics has been around for awhile in the cannabis industry. They’re a great seed breeder company coming up with Kosher Kusher, Strawberry banana, La Confidential, and many more of these classic cannabis strains. This could be a big win for Skymint and Green Peak Innovations. Green Peak Innovations is Michigan’s big money corporate cannabis company in the state.

We shall see how this plays out in the coming months here in the state. It’s similar to what Gage Cannabis did with Cookies Detroit.  Gage is the only company in the state that can have legit Cookies genetics because of the collaboration with them from Cali. This could be the way of the future. We think these licensing deals for genetics will be huge for retail shops. This could be becasue consumers who are looking for those certain genetics will go to exact shop to get those strains.

Ghost 313 Review

Ghost 313 package

The Second topic we talked about was the product Mandrian Cake from The Reef Detroit which is only a medical shop currently. Mandrian Cake was grown by Ghost 313 Detroit. This strain definitely had that tangy terp smell right as soon as you opened the bag, it was right on point to the strain name. This strain was more on the energetic side for sure which was what I was looking for this was after we smoked the flower. The ash wasn’t the best color and the taste towards the end kinda went away.

Overall it was an okay high, the price point was high for not the best taste and ash. But I would get them again because it was a Sativa and gave the energetic feeling we were looking for, just hopefully a little cheaper. We ended up trying another strain from Ghost 313 becasue you can’t judge a brand on one strain. Can’t judge a company by one strain, Ghost 313 has some good genetics we found at the Reef Detroit. If you liked this strain review check out our review on Collins Ave Strain.

Clean State Bill

Breaking News in the State of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed the “Clean State Bill” which is an expungement of related cannabis misdemeanors or felonies off your record. Any Felonies over 10 years won’t be removed from the Clean State Bill. FREE MICHAEL THOMPSON he is still behind bars and this law will not affect him keeping him in jail. He needs to be let out as well as the others with the small nonviolent marijuana-related offenses. 

With moves like this it makes it hopefully easier in the future for people to try cannabis and brands like DNA Genetics or Ghost 313. This is a great step for us as a state and hopefully this trend continues with more expungement from marijuana crimes. We’re happy to see movement in the industry continuing to grow.


Michigan Clean State BIll & 313 Ghost Review

Let us know if you have had Ghost 313 before in Michigan. What’s your favorite DNA Genetic Strain out? Let us know in the comments. If you enjoy this content please Follow & Subscribe to our Streaming & Social Channels. Much Love.




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