In this episode, we discuss a couple of topics first is the vaping news surrounding cannabis and nicotine.  Why did Governor Gretchen Whitmer do the ban of flavored Nicotine and why is the coverage being overblown right now. 

Second Topic we talk about the new Legal Dispensaries in Oakland County and Wayne County. The 3 Dispos are Liv Cannabis, Gage Cannabis Co, and High Profile. We talk about our experience and what we thought of each different shop.

Third Topic: What does the legal Dispos to do the black market or even the dispos that are operated while waiting for a license in the State of Michigan.

Fourth Topic: The last topic we talk about is the past High Times Cup in Detroit that happen, and also the upcoming event that they are putting on again for the city of Detroit. It was the first time the cup was in Detroit in Multiple years.

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