Humble Grounds Edibles & MI Adult Use Update

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Episode 38: Humble Grounds Edibles & MI Adult Use Update

In this Episode, Cannadave and Groovee talk about Humble Grounds. They are an edible company here in the State of MI. We were able to try a couple of different edibles from Humble Grounds. We had a strawberry velvet cake & Carmel cheesecake infused, plus we also had a caramel brownie and apple blonde tart. We ate the cakes the night before to gauge how the effects would be then we had the other edibles during the episode. See what Cannadave and Groovee say about these edibles??

We also get into a new virtual cannabis event that just passed out in Grand Rapids. It was a Colorado-based company called Terrapin Care that was hosting the job fair for people the opportunity to work in the cannabis industry at their company. Is this the way of hiring in the future for the cannabis industry? Cannadave and Groovee thought it was great to see this event being held because it shows the cannabis industry growing. Will more events be virtual due to Covid-19?

The last main topic we talk about in this episode is the growth of adult-use sales in Mi. This is the first time since adult-use sales went into effect that they passed medical sales for the week. Adult Use in the second week of June hit 10M while Medical sales hit 9.9M. This shows the growth in the adult-use market. What do Cannadave and Groovee think about this? Is this good to see? Are medical patients still renewing cards? How about caregivers? Will this be the new trend moving forward here in Mi? We go over all these questions plus more on this topic.

Tune in and hear our opinion on the Humble Grounds Edibles and the adult-use update!

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Sit back and relax and listen to another episode of MiCannaCast!!

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