Five Star Extracts & Cloud Cover Concentrate

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Episode 31: Five Star Extracts & Cloud Cover Concentrate

This Episode Cannadave and Groovee had the opportunity to discuss a couple of Michigan brands and their extracts. We tried these during the stay at home order in Mi! We Tried two brands Five Star Extracts or (True North Collective) and Cloud Cover’s Concentrates. We haven’t had 5 Star before but have had cloud cover’s bud! Listen in and see what we thought of these extracts and would we recommend them?

The Strains of concentrates we had Frozen Wookie by Cloud Cover and Platinum gelato & Purple Breathwork by 5 Star Extracts! All of these extracts look and smelled great! We were able to get these at two different shops in Metro Detroit! How much did we pay for these and what terps do we taste from these concentrates? Where did we get these extracts at finding out by tuning in and all these questions will be answered!!

Frozen Wookie By Cloud Cover 
Platinum Gelato & Purple Breathwork by 5 Star Extracts
Cloud Cover & 5 Star Extracts Concentrates We Tested!

We also breakdown our Saturday Wake and Bake Sessions that we recently have started doing. Where and when you can find us is Saturday at 9 am eastern time on Facebook and Instagram currently it will be streamed on all socials here soon! We engage with everyone who tunes in if you have any questions join us! Its a fun morning Wake & Bake!

We also talk about a couple of updates happening in the Michigan market with cannabis! What new city has passed a couple of shops to operate with a dual license? A dual license means you can sell to both medical and recreational customers. Are we going to be seeing more of these dual license getting approved in cities?

Here is our Video From YouTube! You can see the concentrates here and hear our reviews of these two brands! Please like and Follow!!

Sit back and relax and listen to another episode of MiCannaCast!! Thanks for Tuning in!

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