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Episode 19: Exclusive Ann Arbor & American Slacker Podcast

We talk about our recent trip to Ann Arbor and we checked out the first Recreational Shop in Michigan.  Exclusive ann arbor carries many brands that we have talked about on previous episodes like Strain Kings, Concentrate Kings, Kushy Punch just to name a few. We were able to see how medical and Recreational sales work at the same time.

They had two different parking lots one for medical one for recreational, we were able to see that medical is still a top priority in today’s market. We were shown around by Andrew thank you for taking your time with us also. You explained everything we were looking into and helping us out.

The second part of our episode we talk about is our guest’s appearance on a podcast called American Slacker Podcast! They invited us to their show to talk more about us and Micannacast. This was a great experience for us as a team we were able to learn and have a great time on their show. Thank you to Jesse and Matt for having us on.

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