Chuck Schumer Cannabis Bill and Cannacon Day 1

Wake N Bake Time! Let's Sesh!! What strains have you been enjoying? Chuck Schumer introduced Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act (CAOA). Do you think this will pass? Also we will briefly talk about day 1 of doing press with CannaCon!!!! If you have any questions ask us anything!! #livestream #cannabisnews #wakeandbake

July 23, 2022|Terp Talk|

Solventless concentrates throughout the Years

We're Back!! Let's Talk about Hash and Solventless Concentrates. Did you know Hash was around before Rosin?? Hash is a very unique cannabis concentrate that takes shape in many forms depending on how it's made or pushed together. Come join us on Terp Talk Tuesday and let's talk Solventless!!

July 19, 2022|Terp Talk|

Secondary Terpenes & Lume Cannabis shuts down??

On tonight's Terp Talk Tuesday we are talking about secondary terpenes and which ones are they. Lume recently closed 4 of its store locations. Is this trend going to continue? Any new dabs from 710? Let's roll one up or heat that rig up let's get to it. Happy Terpene Tuesday. #terptalktuesday #terpenes #chill #sesh

July 12, 2022|Terp Talk|

What are Primary Terpenes in cannabis?

What are Primary Terpenes? On Terp Talk Tuesday, we are back to terpenes to discuss Myrcene, Caryophellene, Limonene, Pinene, and more terpenes. What's alpha vs beta? Even bringing out some food examples tonight :) Do terpenes matter to you? Join the live sesh this evening and drop your thoughts!  Primary Terpenes in Cannabis Terpenes are an essential component of cannabis strains. Different strains have varying levels of the same terpenes, while others have a unique combination of terpenes. When we hear terpenes, most people immediately think of a flavor, and they’re not wrong. Many cannabis users identify their favorite strains through their tastes, but as you will find in this post, a different strain may have a flavor quite similar ...

July 5, 2022|Terp Talk|

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