Episode 92 Cannadave & Groovee of MiCannaCast has a special guest on Caroline Marketing & Sales Director of Dyna-Gro. We met Caroline at CannaCon Detroit last month and we wanted to get more information out there on the Dyna-Gro Product. We get a breakdown of Caroline and her role with the company, what makes them stand out, what products they offer, & Why Dyna-Gro. Two specific products that any grower should use she says Protek and Foilage pro.

Who is Dyna-Gro

Dyna-Gro is a nutrient line that has been around for over 38 years and first was used on orchids. Caroline mentioned that Dyna-Gro has a sample package that starts with all of the nutrients you need to get started growing. The sample package they have can be used from start to finish for 22 plants. Which could be a run or two depending on which state you live in with their growing laws.

The nutrient line has a schedule to follow and ml to feed the plants to help you as a beginner or veteran grower. Caroline mentioned the two products any gardener would want to use as an additive would be the Pro-tek to protect the plants and the Foliage-pro as well. Both of these products by Dyna-Gro can help you achieve great success when growing cannabis. It’s a great product that Cannadave has used is Pro-tek which is a silica uptake nutrient.

Growing Cannabis

It was great to hear that Dyna-Gro and Caroline are all about growing your own cannabis. We agree because everyone should have the right to grow their own medicine if need be. Caroline talks about a plant she grew which was a 1:1 and it got her completely off Advil and Allergy medicine. We stand with the people, it’s not like the MCMA which is trying to squash home grows and more.

Dyna-Gro stands with the people and producing a high-quality nutrient line to grow quality cannabis. You only need to give the plant what it needs with their product. Check out Caroline when she goes live on the IG handle @Dyna_Gro and learn more tricks about the product with growing cannabis.

Dyna-Gro & MiCannaCast

We learned a lot about Dyan-Gro and the products they have to offer. We appreciate Caroline hopping on our new episode to discuss the brand & what makes them different. If you use any of their products or want to in the future contact Caroline she does run the IG and post pretty frequently, she can probably help you out as well too. Tune in this Saturday for our Wake N Bake Live at 9 am.

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