DNK Growers


DNK Growers is a locally owned premium cannabis growth facility operated in Lansing, Michigan. With their Michigan-approved class A license, they grow about 500 cannabis plants, whether medical or recreational cannabis. For DNK Growers, the goal is quality over quantity. This means that the company focuses more on the grade or quality of cannabis grown than the amount. They attain this through their advancements towards achieving the best possible genetics with a top-tier nutrient program that provides an exquisite environment for the growth of the plants. The Sour Animal is one of their exclusive strains that not many have, it’s a must-try.


The ‘quality over quantity’ goal gives this organization an edge over some other big corporations focused on meeting large sale demands without paying mind to the quality of their produce. Every organization thrives off profits, although it becomes a concern when the need to surpass profit targets overshadows the standard of production. DNK Growers promises that only prime quality cannabis is provided for its customers. This is ensured by circling weekly through a plant inventory to make certain of a steady growth cycle and also give attention to each individual plant.


At DNK Growers, the belief is that everyone should live the ‘Best Life Ever’, a belief that is also extended to the cannabis grown. The plants are nurtured in a state-of-the-art environment and coddled through every stage of growth. The organization employs the use of green machinery to reduce carbon footprint and pollution while still providing great conditions for cannabis growth. There is no hype saying that plants at DNK are grown in luxury and grand style, it is as good as playing spa and classical music while feeding the plants and staging Carbon (iv) oxide intake through the grow cycle.  


Class A License

The State of Michigan has licensed DNK Growers to provide wholesale Recreational Cannabis to State-licensed Dispensaries. DNK is also licensed through the State of Michigan and provides State Licensed Processors with Usable Cannabis Trim. Trim includes sugar leaves, bits of cut-off buds, and knocked-off trichomes, or kief. Since trims are not as potent as the main plant, they are mostly used to make edibles. They hand-trim all their buds instead of heavy machines to do the trimming. Any of the lower bud or smaller nugs is used for their prerolls that are able to be sold on the shelves. 

DNK is not limited to the growth of just one cannabis species within the 500 plants since they have a class A license. Sativas, Indicas, as well as hybrids are grown. The Sativa species has the highest level of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) among its strains. The Sour Animal by them was entered in the Sativa Hightimes Category which is one of their more potent strains and terpenes.

It delivers a stimulating and energizing effect, tones down anxiety, and improves creativity and focus with the smoke of the Sour Animal. The Indica species is known to improve sleep quality, treat insomnia, relieve pain and inflammation, increase appetite and decrease nausea. The Hybrids are a mix of the best qualities of the Indicas and Sativas. Since Hybrids offer a combination of the effects of both species, they are said to provide both flavor and physical effects that can create the best strains in the industry.

DNK Overall

All in all, with DNK Growers, you get top-shelf premium cannabis care crafted with a life of luxury! You can find their product all over in Michigan in a variety of retailers across the State. All their product is on sale for $25 an 8th for quality cannabis. Check out our recent episode with the owner’s Nick and Kyle. Having a Class A license in the state and being able to provide $25 an 8th shows they truly care about quality and everyone should be able to enjoy at an affordable price.




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