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Episode 32: Caregiver Zoning!

This Episode Cannadave and Groovee talk about the recent medical marijuana updates for the caregivers here in Michigan. The Supreme Court passed a law that cities can put zoning restrictions where caregivers can grow. This could be the start to the end of the caregiver program here in Michigan. Why do we think this could be the end of the program? Here is the article regarding the supreme courts ruling on Caregiver Zoning!

The Caregiver program has been around since 2008 when the law was voted on by the people and passed. They have been supplying the market for pretty much a little over 10 years and a lot of it is stopping now with newer medical laws and the passing of recreational marijuana in 2018! How does Cannadave and Groovee feel about this? Tune and hear what they have to say!

The Strain Groove tried was White Tangie by Cloud Cover Diamonds and tested at 96%THC. What did Groovee Say about the concentrate? We also breakdown our Saturday Wake and Bake Sessions that we recently have started doing. Where and when you can find us is Saturday at 9 am eastern time on IG and FB Live!!

We also talk about a couple of updates happening in Massachusetts with recreational marijuana. Its the only state that has recreational marijuana that isn’t doing any sales while 11 other states are selling still. How is this affecting the state? Can this be Catastrophic for the industry in Massachusetts? Listen to what Cannadave and Groovee say about this?

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Caregiver Zoning

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