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In the new episode, Cannadave & Groovee discuss Cannabis Influence in our culture with StickRadio. We previously had StickRadio on for our 420 special a year ago! Its one of our more popular episode becuase of the conversation we had. Couldn’t be happier he joined us for this episode especially with his background in radio and his love for movies! 

We go through our favorite cannabis music and movies that we enjoy the best and why we love these the best. We know we did miss some music and movies in our recording because after recording we realize we didn’t say much of Wiz Khalifa.

Music Influenced by Marijuana

First, Cannabis has played a major role in shaping music and movies. The first topic we discuss is cannabis themed songs. Cannadave thought all Reggae music was cannabis songs because he started off naming Bob Marley Classic Reggae songs before any other songs.

CannaDave Reggae and Cannabis

Secondly, we all agree that cannabis and music played a huge role in the culture of music from rap, hip-hop, dance, and country.  Stick had some throwbacks that Cannadave & Groovee didn’t even think about because Stick started smoking years before us as well. We know we missed tracks but with so many great ones that is bound to happen. We all remembered the songs that first impacted us in cannabis. This is because these were the songs that resonated when we first began blazing marijuana.

Cannabis Influenced Movies

Secondly, we talked about Cannabis Influence in Movies.  Cannabis has played a factor in many movies that Hollywood has done. We go through some of our favorite movies that bring back nostalgia. What is the best one of the Harold & Kumar Series which Cannadave and Stick believed to be #1 but Groovee had other ideas.  One of the favorites would be Pineapple Express because we are still quoting the movie to today. The movie spawned a strain to be created and called Pinapple Express here is a review of the strain. Its a cross of Hawaiian and Train-wreck. Another one that is a classic is Grandmas Boy.

Harold or Kumar What’s Better 1 or 2

Cannabis Music & Movies

Cannabis has played a huge factor in today’s world either in the music industry or the movie business it has been around forever. It’s only going to continue to grow with more and more states legalizing it and it becoming more normalized. Tune in and hear what other movies and songs we talk about that Cannabis has Influenced. We enjoyed having Stickradio on this episode again because of history in radio he knows cannabis and music.

MiCannaCast Updates

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In Conclusion cannabis has played an effect on the music and cannabis industry for years. With so many songs and movies inspired by cannabis more and more will continue to pop up.

Sit back and relax and listen to another episode of MiCannaCast!! Here are a couple of our other episodes if you would like to listen to. First episode is our review on Darren McCarty PreRolls because that was our most recent episode. The Second episode to check out is our 420 special. We are always here to Advocate, Educate, & Inspire Thank you.

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