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Episode 29: 420 Special

This Episode Cannadave and Groovee Sit Back and talk about 420! We talk about the strain review wedding pie from Green Peak Innovations. What did we think of the wedding pie? Would we referee you guys to get the wedding pie? Come Sess and find out if it was worth it!

We also talk about our Curbside Pickup that had a little bit of a problem lol. What problem did Cannadave run into for his 420 special? We will explain to you what happened and how it was able to get fixed.

We also discussed other strains and concentrates that we were smoking on 4/20 as well. We celebrated 4/20 in Eastern and Central Time haha! Sit back relax and enjoy our 420 smoke session. We did have some technical issues at first but we were still able to enjoy our 420 Special with everyone!!

Thanks for tuning in for another episode of MiCannaCast!

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