In the Newest Episode #15 of MicannaCast we have a Special Guess Ash and she has had experience working in the legal cannabis industry here in Michigan.  She was At livFerndale when they first open in August. She also has had experience in the delivery service side of medical marijuana.

We also break down the upcoming day of Legal Marijuana Sales in the State of Michigan. How do we all feel about the progress that is happening in the cannabis community and industry here in Michigan and the U.S.

We take a break for dabs on this episode to talk about flavors and terps in the dabs we tested. We also did a strain review on Bubba Og a strain none of us have had since we started smoking years ago. We discuss the Cart Craze and what carts we like currently during this time with a bunch of bad carts out. We all enjoyed the Presto Carts Watermelon Zittles which placed in the High Times Cup this year in Michigan. If you haven’t been to a HighTimes Cup before we did a recap on the last one we went to in August.

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