What is CBG?

CBG is finally getting the attention it deserves! With all the talk about CBG, you might think it’s a recent find. Not at all. CBG has been around for decades.


Cannabigerol, CBG, is a minor cannabinoid found in all cannabis strains, Indica or sativa, hemp or Sativa. It is the non-acidic form of and precursor to CBGA, cannabigerolic acid, the mother of all cannabinoids.


CBGA is a super important molecule from which all cannabinoids can be derived. And if CBG makes CBGA, CBG must be super important too.


Where do we get CBG from?

We find higher concentrations of CBG in younger plants. As cannabis or hemp plants start to age, the CBG present is converted to other cannabinoids. CBG can be extracted from any part of a budding plant. 

Typically, manufacturers extract CBG with CO2 or Ethanol, and pass the crude extract through a number of purification and refining chambers, finally producing a clear CBD oil.


If you’re looking to grow a

nd produce your own CBD, look out for these strains. They have a relatively high CBD concentration at their budding stage.


  1. The CBG Blend
  2. Pink lemonade
  3. Animal Cookies
  4. White CBG
  5. Fruit Punch

Health benefits of CBG

Unlike THC, CBG is not psychoactive. Nonetheless, it is an endocannabinoid and binds to the cannabinoid receptors in our bodies. Here are a few health benefits of CBG.

Irritable Bowel Disease  

Contrary to popular opinion, CBG does not cause diarrhea. Instead, it decreases gut motility, the desired outcome in patients with Irritable Bowel Disease. However, this finding is yet to undergo clinical trials. If you’re dealing with IBD, Consult your doctor before taking CBG.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

According to recent studies, CBG can help with the symptoms and manifestations of ADHD. important note though; CBG will not cure ADHD, it will only make it easier to bear.

Antibacterial properties of CBG

The more antibacterial agents we have, the better. CBG’s antibacterial properties show up during a period of antimicrobial resistance. This is a very exciting finding because CBG can kill bacteria that have developed resistance to the mainstays. 


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