Frequently Asked Questions on CannaCon

CannaCon is the salve the cannabis community didn’t know it needed. Read this short blog to find out all you need to know about CannaCon and why you should be at one!

What is CannaCon?

CannaCon is a B2B convention for cannabis business owners and cannabis lovers in general. Whether you want to find your way around buying or producing cannabis, offering some cannabis-related service, or you’re a simple person looking for some cool cannabis products or merch, CannaCon is the place for you. 

What can I do at CannaCon?

CannaCon offers a plethora of cannabis products and services. You can get your fav canna products directly from distributors or wholesalers. You can buy or sell canna products at CannaCon. 

You also get to hear educational seminars from accredited Cannabis Educators. All in all, CannaCon is a great networking experience. 

Can I smoke at CannaCon?

CannaCon may set up certain smoking areas, but smoking and drinking alcohol are prohibited on expo floors and during exhibitions. 

How do I get CannaCon tickets?

You can get tickets to the closest CannaCon to you by logging on their site. This is the safest option, and if you’re early enough, you can book a room at a great hotel close to the con. You can also get tickets at the door, at a slightly higher price. So visit and save your time and money. 

PS: tickets are not refundable, so check your schedule first. 

Where is CannaCon?

CannaCon 2023 is set to hold in South Mississippi, South OKC, West Albuquerque, Midwest Detroit, and West Long Beach. 

Can I speak at CannaCon?

Yes! However, to speak at CannaCon you must be approved by a board. You must submit a proposal form, a sample presenter video, and a draft of your PowerPoint presentation for quality assessment. CannaCon does not allow for brand promotion during talks. If you’d like to be an exhibitor, visit their site and book a spot. 

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