What is Cannabis Remediation


The MRA will be discussing remediation soon, so everyone wants to know what remediation is and what brands have remediated their products. 


Cannabis remediation is a technique used to reduce the microbial load of cannabis. In a way, it’s a cleaning process, so instead of disposing of a considerable chunk of flowers or concentrate, they take out most of the pathogens.

Remediation prevents pest invasion, so it’s good to look out for if you want to store your weed.

The problem is, do these cleaning methods affect the THC and CBD content? If you’re further processing your flowers, whether by spraying pesticides on them or baking them a little bit, it’s bound to affect the potency of that batch. From experience, some of these remediated products don’t just slap as hard.

Remediation may be an effort to save money too. If a company gets a low yield, they won’t want to throw their fluff away, so instead, they try to clean it up.


If remediation affects the potency of the flowers, consumers deserve to know. Remediation itself isn’t bad, but some shady companies may use it to cover up for their poor products. They know they’re producing low-quality flowers, so they will sell them as superclean.

When companies remediate wax, it’s generally a sign that it’s poor. If it were good, they wouldn’t need to mention that it is pathogen-free.


Generally, big companies do not need to be afraid of the remediation label because cigarettes literally have a label saying “Smokers are liable to die young,” and they still sell like crazy. However, if a brand repeatedly sells remediated products, it will look like every batch is a failure.


We will be discussing cannabis remediation tonight with the upcoming MRA meeting this Thursday. Should businesses be required to notify consumers if products have been Remediated? Do you know what remediation is? Come join us live tonight on Terp Talk Tuesday!

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