Ways to Consume Cannabis 


There are so many unique ways to consume cannabis now. We’re a long way from the days of just joints and blunts. 


  1. Dabs: it isn’t exactly the most flexible method, and there’s an element of riskiness. You could be burning that wax up really nice now and the next moment it’s a whole lot of smoke. Still, it’s one of the most used methods out there. 
  2. Vape carts: Carts seem to be the rave now; it’s super neat and flexible, you could just stuff them in your breast pocket and they last quite a while.
  3. Keif plus flower: One of our favorite ways to consume cannabis is to mix some keif with my joints. It hits all the time. The key thing is not to sprinkle the kief on top of the joint so you won’t get singed. It’s better to mix it all in.
  4. Flower plus concentrate: We know some people mix both flower and concentrate, but that may get messy and difficult to use, and even leave you with a sideburn. A lot of people just don’t have a good experience mixing flower and concentrate. We’ve also heard people say they’re sticking to oils and RSOs only. we definitely agree those can be great, but we just can’t get over our profound respect for flowers. Its like so much flavor. You can’t really replace that. So for now we’re still team flower only, and maybe once in a while concentrate only.
  5. Joints and alcohol: if you haven’t tried both before, we don’t recommend trying this at a festival or like a hangout. You want to experiment on your own first, and get used to it cos it can get quite crazy with alcohol and weed.
  6. Edibles: we all love great infusions, brownies, gummies, whatever. Edibles are definitely the most variable form of consuming cannabis, and you can have as little as 100mg for like physical pain from leg day and up to 500mg. Works great for a number of ailments.



Wake N Bake Saturday CannaFam! What’s Your Favorite Way to consume Cannabis? is it joints, blunts, bowls, bongs, or another way. Let us know! If you have any questions you would like to ask drop them in the comments below! What terps or strains have you been enjoying this week?

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