Permanent Marker Review by Doja

In the ever-evolving landscape of cannabis, certain strains stand out as true masterpieces, and Permanent Marker by Seedjunky undoubtedly falls into this elite category. Crowned as the Strain of the Year in 2023, this flower, bred with precision and care, offers an unforgettable experience. Our journey with Permanent Marker began with a fresh drop at the local store, and we couldn’t wait to share our insights with you. This strain was grown by Doja Pak and selected by them and released on shelves in Jan of 2024 when we picked this up.

To truly understand the magic of Permanent Marker, we must delve into its lineage. Crafted by the renowned Seedjunky, this strain is a testament to the artistry of cannabis breeding. A careful blend of Biscotti and Sherb, Permanent Marker inherits the best qualities from its ancestry. This gives it a unique and powerful genetic profile that makes for all connoisseurs to try.

Permanent Marker Flavor

Flavor Profile:
One of the most captivating aspects of Permanent Marker is its exceptional flavor profile with distinct notes of gas, floral, and a hint of sweetness like a cookie. This strain tantalizes the taste buds from the first inhale to the lingering exhale. The synergy of these flavors creates a sensory experience that sets Permanent Marker apart in the crowded world of cannabis strains. This could be why it was named strain of the year in 2023 by Leafly.

Delving deeper into its composition, the terpene profile of Permanent Marker plays a crucial role in shaping its character. Dominated by Myrcene which is known for its sedative and calming properties.  This strain also boasts a healthy dose of Pinene or Limonene, contributing to its overall aroma and therapeutic properties. These two terpenes are very close because it could go based on the Pheno which one you are experiencing more. The careful balance of terpenes in Permanent Marker is a testament to Seedjunky’s dedication to creating a well-rounded cannabis experience.

Effects of Permanent Marker

As we explored the effects of Permanent Marker, it became evident why it claimed the prestigious title of Strain of the Year. The high sets in with a gentle euphoria, gradually transitioning into a [Desired Effect]. Whether you’re seeking relaxation after a long day or a burst of creativity, Permanent Marker delivers a versatile and enjoyable experience.

How It Makes You Feel:
The emotional and physical impact of this strain is something to be celebrated. Users report a profound sense of tingly and euphoric coupled with a gentle wave of relaxation. The strain’s ability to induce a state of focus and euphoria makes it suitable for various occasions, from social gatherings to moments of introspection.

Comparative Analysis with Blue Zorbet:
For those familiar with our previous exploration of Blue Zorbet, drawing comparisons between these two exceptional strains is inevitable. While Blue Zorbet leans towards [Distinct Characteristic], Permanent Marker distinguishes itself with [Another Distinct Characteristic]. Both, however, share the common thread of excellence in craftsmanship, showcasing the diversity within Seedjunky’s portfolio.

Our Review of Seedjunky’s Strain

In the ever-evolving landscape of cannabis, Permanent Marker emerges as a shining star, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. From its carefully curated lineage to the delightful symphony of flavors and effects, this strain stands tall as a testament to Seedjunky’s commitment to excellence. As we bid farewell to our exploration of Permanent Marker, we invite you to embark on your journey with this Strain of the Year. You should try and discover the magic it holds within each bud. Overall this was grown good by the Doja Pak team with their carefully selected Pheno.

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