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Episode 27: The MaryJane Experience

On This Episode, we have a couple of special guests from the MaryJane Experience Strawberry Sequoia and Casey Jones! They’re from Boulder, Colorado and they tell us about their experiences with cannabis. What drove them to start their own cannabis podcast, the defining moment that made them begin this adventure.

We have a great talk on CBD and what you should do before buying any of it. Do you test the CBD in a small sample? Are There Regulations with CBD right now? Can you Ship CBD? We go over these topics and couple others to find out what truly each different cannabinoid does. We only go over a couple cannabinoids because of how many there are.

We also talk about a couple programs that you yourself can help out and feel good to be an advocate in the cannabis industry.

Stay tuned as well we will be doing more live collabs with the MaryJane Experience in the near future!! They will be traveling around in the Cannavan (mobile podcasting studio) check it out and they might be coming to a city near you!!

Here is our Youtube Video of our Chat with The MaryJane Experience!!

The MaryJane Experience

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