Episode 25: Josh K. Cannabis Brand Builder
Episode 25: Josh K. Cannabis Brand Builder

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Episode 25: Josh Cannabis Brand Builder (Moxie)

In this episode, we have a special guest Josh Karchmer. Marketing and Brand Expert who helped brand Moxie, Hurley, and other companies. He has been marketing for over 20 years. Josh has been working in the cannabis industry and right now is focusing on building brands!

We talk about different ways on how to market your brand in the cannabis field? Who is your target customer? Who is the front line of your brand for retail shops? How important are budtenders to the retail brand? Indica vs Sativa what’s the difference? Is the difference what you really think it is?

How important is social media for brand building? What are good ways to build your brand’s fan-bases on social media?

What are some of the top products in Cali right now? We Go into Rosin or solventless products that are pretty popular on the west coast. Have you tried solventless carts? Differences between Michigan and California markets we go into as well.

Where is the industry headed to? What companies will have to do in marketing to stand out against other brands in this booming industry? These are a couple of topics we touch on in this episode.

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