Infused Terps vs Botanical Terps

There’s more to your favorite cannabis strain than its high THC content. Every cannabis strain has a unique terpene profile that determines its aroma. This delightful and often relaxing smell is not just from one terpene, but from an unrepeated combination of multiple terpenes.

Terps can make or break a cannabis product. It’s no surprise that researchers are trying to extract terps from other plants to add to isolates to give them that oomph. Are botanical or synthetic terps just as good as infused (cannabis) terps? 

What are infused terps?

Within the cannabis society, infused terps are naturally occurring terpenoids that have been isolated from a cannabis plant. You can get natural terps from any plant at all. All plants have one terpene or the other, but the terpenes found in cannabis strains are in a class of their own.

Infused terps contribute to the entourage effect of some cannabis strains. For example, strains known for their relaxing effects typically have a high concentration of linalool, a terp known for its relaxing aroma.

What are botanical terps

Botanical terps are terpenes gotten from non-cannabis plants. Many CBD oil manufacturers prefer to get terps from non-cannabis plants because it allows them to create their own terpene profile. For example, he could extract linalool from lavender and myrcene from mangoes, creating a unique aroma for all his products.

Infused terps vs botanical terps

Flavor and aroma

Cannabis purists believe that infused terps have a better flavor, but this opinion may be subject to bias. Unlike infused terps, you can heighten the flavor and aroma of a botanical terp.


Botanical terps are cheaper than infused terps because they have more yield. Cannabis terps on the other hand are tedious to extract, making them more expensive.


Because each cannabis strain has a different terpene profile, terpene extraction can be unpredictable. Thus, botanical terps are more reliable.

Legal status

Cannabis terps must pass the 0.3% rule to be considered legal. Infused terp growers worry about confiscation and altercations with the law, as well as the naturally poor yield. 

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