How to Roll the Perfect Joint


Knowing how to roll a joint is not just about aesthetics. Indeed, we all love a sexy blunt, but rolling a perfect blunt is more about functionality than aesthetics. 

A well-packed joint is easy to drag, and won’t burn your fingers or fall apart at the ends. 

So, let’s cut to the chase. Here’s how to get a perfect Joint. 


Know how much weed to use

If you’re a beginner, you need to avoid overpacking your joint or making a mess and wasting materials. Some people love a fat zoot, but they require a bit of experience to make. Start off with a slim, nice-looking and work up to your preferred size.

About half a gram of weed makes a sizeable Joint. 


Choose the right rolling paper

Sure, there are people that can roll a blunt from anything, even cardboard, but as experts, we’ll tell you for free that hemp paper is best. Good hemp paper is easy to fold, burns slowly, and improves the flavor of your joint.

Grind the weed into fine bits.

Don’t take the weed out of the bag and onto your rolling paper. It needs to be ground to a fine consistency; not too small that it becomes dust, just enough that it’s easy to distribute and not clumpy. As a reference, the final product should look like lemon pepper. This step is important because it affects how the joint burns.

Make a crutch with your joint tip paper. 

Most rolling sets come with something you can use to make a crutch. If you’re out of crutch paper, you can use any similarly hard paper, like a forgotten complimentary card. Fold the paper in a tight zig-zag pattern, starting from one edge. After about 6 folds, roll the rest of the paper over so that the zig-zag is in the center of the crutch.

Fill the paper and let the shake sit properly. 

Place the rolled crutch in the middle of your rolling paper and follow with crushed weed. Leave about an inch to the edge of the paper unfilled. Now roll the paper into a slightly tapered cone using your thumbs, then wrap, tucking in the non-adhesive side first. Tap the crutch end on the table once for balance, twist the open end and you’re done! 


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