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DaKitchenCouch: Cooking With Cannabis

Episode 45: DaKitchenCouch

In this new episode of MiCannaCast, Cannadave & Groovee talk with one of the Cohosts from DaKitchenCouch Riley Murphy. Firstly DakitchenCouch is a podcast coming from Canada discussing Canada’s Cannabis and cooking with cannabis. Secondly DakitchenCouch has 3 people running the production and content together to make their show happen. Thirdly they’re based around cooking with cannabis in the kitchen with their couch in the kitchen which makes the name of their podcast. If you haven’t cooked with cannabis or want to learn more tune into this episode.

Cooking With Cannabis

Riley breaks down his favorite method to cook cannabis and explains why he likes this method the most. As a result of this, Riley explains to Cannadave & Groove that you can cook with cannabis with butter and other ways as well. Riley breaks down different ways to infuse cannabis. Cannabutter is one of the more common ways to cook with cannabis. Here is an article from Cannadave on Cooking with cannabutter & cannabis.

Canada’s Cannabis & Laws

We also discuss the difference of laws between the countries of Canada and The United States because Canada’s Cannabis laws are different than of the States here.

First, all of Canada is Adult -Use and they’re at 19 and up while here in the U.S. its 21 and up in only certain states it’s legal while in Canada all the Providence have Adult-Use for Sale. The whole country of Canada became legal a couple of years ago so all providence has some sort of cannabis sales. It’s unlike the U.S. because we here are deciding by states on their one to either legalize cannabis or keep it federally illegal. It was great to have dakitchencouch explain the difference and what it’s like for Canadians to get their cannabis.

Cannabis Laws in Canada have it where there are private shops and Government-run shops that you can get your cannabis from in Canada. That’s different compared to over here where its just one type of shop. It’s very interesting to see the differences of laws between the two countries because we were able to break it down in this episode.

Lastly, the DakitchenCouch just finished filming its first season of podcasts as well. The new release will be coming to their IG and Youtube channel. Follow DakitchenCouch and Riley Murphy for more information on cooking with Cannabis or infusing food with cannabis.

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