Hi there! If you’re here, you must have heard about dabbing, and you want to know how it works. Here’s some inside tea; dabbing is definitely a level-up from blunts and joints. Don’t underestimate that pretty-looking waxy stuff!

What is Dabbing?

Dabbing is a special smoking technique for THC concentrates called dabs. Dabs mostly come from hash, but you can make the resin out of any THC-containing part of the cannabis plant. 

To do a dab, you have to vaporize it and then inhale the smoke. There are many ways to burn a dab; oil rigs, dab rigs, vape pens, nectar straws, and even hot knifing. Some of these techniques (like hot knifing) can be very hazard-prone. 

Parts of a dabbing rig

Dabbing rigs are the most popular way to do a dab right now, but it can be really complex for a first-timer. To nail a perfect dab, you should know what each part does.

Dab nail

The dab nail is a cup-like part of the rig that’s designed to hold the concentrate while it’s being vaporized


Not all dab rigs have a torch, those with electrical heating components don’t. In a manual rig, you use the blow torch to heat the nail until it’s red-hot.

Carb cap

The carb cap covers the nail and the concentrate while you inhale. It prevents your dab from vaporizing into the air and wasting.


The dabbing nail is too hot to touch. That’s where a dabber comes in. you use a dabber to pick up the concentrate and place it into the cooling nail.


How to dab in three easy steps

  1. Use the torch to heat up the nail until red-hot.
  2. Let the nail cool for about 3 seconds while you use the dabber to pick up a tiny piece of dab and place it into the nail
  3. Cover the nail with a carb cap and inhale.

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